Conduit Canada is a small magazine dedicated to the small mag & press in Canada.  It will also act as a resource for Late Modernist poetry in Canada.  We will be posting updates on our print activity and media that can’t be incorporated into print media.

Editor-in-Chief: Peter Gibbon



Fliers to Lifers (poem/interview) The South Townsville Micro Poetry Journal (June 2012)

Index of Goodbyes (poem) The Puritan XVI (Winter 2012)

Memo to Pro-Lifers (poem) Moose & Pussy 8 (Winter 2012)

Making Friends with Bardia (poem) Moose & Pussy 7 (Fall 2010)

Diagnosis (poem) In/Words 9.3 (Spring 2010)

Divorce (poem) Moose & Pussy 6 (Winter 2010)

Shedding (poem) In/Words 9.1 (Fall 2009)

Drizzle (poem) In/Words 8.2 (Spring 2009)

Shape Tracer (poem) In/Words 7.2 (Spring 2008)

Marilla & Matthew (poem) Bywords 6.1 (Spring 2008)

On Our Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary (poem) Bywords 6.1 (Spring 2008)

The Shakespeare Canon (poem) In/Words 7.1 (Fall/Winter 2008)

Late February (poem) Dusty Owl Quarterly 3.2 (March 2007)

Love Alone All Alone (for Paul Monnette) (poem) DOQ 3.2 (March 2007)

Letter to Ezra Pound (poem) In/Words 6.4 (March 2007)

The Tide of a Fall from Grace (poem) DOQ 2.4 (September 2006)

First Words (poem) In/Words 6.1 (September 2006)

Layover Cafe (poem) DOQ 2.3 (June 2006)

Smoking Outside the Avant-Garde (poem) In/Words 5.4 (March 2006)

The Desperately Human (poem) In/Words 5.2 (November 2005)


WE (short fiction) Moose & Pussy 1 (Fall 2008)

We Turn Back to our Dying (short fiction) In/Words 6.2 (November 2006)

Guide to Being a Literary Author (non-fiction) In/Words 5.1 (October 2005)


“Review: aka bpNichol A Preliminary Biography by Frank Davey.”  Dragnet Mag (Winter 2013)

“What I like about Jesslyn Delia Smith: a Survey of her Poetry and a Review of ‘Rescue Poems’” Apt.613 (Winter 2011)

“YES Magazine (1957-70): A History, Assessment & Index” Carleton University: School of Canadian Studies Masters Research Paper (May 2010)


“no two people” (poem) in Pith & Wry: Canadian Poetry (Anthology) Sudbury: Scrivener Press (fall 2010)

Eating Thistles (poetry) Apt. 9 Press (Fall 2010)

Three Poems (poetry) Horsebroke Press (Summer 2009)

Blizzard (with Jeff Blackman) (poetry & prose) In/Words Chapbook Series 8.7 (January 2009)

Fidget (poetry) In/Words Chapbook Series 7.4 (January 2008)

Qualia (with David Emery) In/Words Chapbook Series 6.15 (Spring, 2007)

Lost Poems Found (poetry) Cerberus Series 1.1 (January 2007)


2003 Carleton University Academic Award, Carleton University

Honourable Mention, George Johnston Poetry Prize 2008 (Carleton University)

2009 Graduate Scholarship, Carleton University

Featured Readings

In/Words Reading Series, Featured Reading, 15 July 2012 (Ottawa)

Apt. 9 Press, chapbook launch (Eating Thistles) 25 November 2010 (Ottawa)

Tree Reading Series, Pith & Wry Anthology Launch, 23 November 2010 (Ottawa)

Poetry Cafe, Pith & Wry Anthology Launch, 6 November 2010 (London)

Ottawa Small Press Book Fair, Pre-fair Reading, 15 October 2010 (Ottawa)

In/Words Reading Series, Featured Reading, 29 September 2010 (Ottawa)

Other Media:

Reading Announcement: http://inwordsmagazine.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/the-prodigal-on-home-court/

Blog response to interview: http://pagehalffull.com/pesbo/2012/06/28/place-and-time-and-poetry-vibe/

“Gibbon recently graduated with an M.A. in Canadian Studies from Carleton and will be reading from Eating Thistles, the culmination of six years of work. His poems are elegant creations that manage to tie his Vitamin D-deficient grad-student relationship problems to the proroguing of the Canadian parliament.” – http://www.thewig.ca/node/1340

Chapbook Review: http://robmclennan.blogspot.com.au/2009_02_01_archive.html

Profile of In/Words magazine (former managing ed.) by rob mclennan: http://openbookontario.com/news/profile_inwords_few_questions