Canadian Poetry Round-up 3

by ConduitCanada


Just to think of you is sort of crazily delightful.
The thought of meeting you somewhere in a crowded place,
taking you in with the eyes, in a sympathy of gestures,
sitting down at a table for coffee, holding your arm,
the thought of moving around you, with papers and books—
knowing it’s good, good, the love gathered within us,
that spends its pollen in nearness, or grows
like bread in kitchen pans, released to fragrant air.


By Louis Dudek (1918-2001) from Zambla’s Rocks (Vehicule Press, 1986)

Illustration: Leonard Cohen “My Dear Teacher Louis Dudek,” poached from a fascinating article here:

*The author of the above blog post should know they indicate Dudek died in 1984, when he lived until 2001.