Sunday Canadian Poetry Round-up 2

by ConduitCanada


Professor Waddington will not be
joining the academic procession
she wrote a note to the Dean she
said that her gown was moth-eaten
and she had to stay home and tie up
the chrysanthemums or else they
would flop all over and kill the grass
and she would have to resod around
the flowerbeds a nuisance so she regrets
she will not be able to join the academic
procession if you ask me that woman has
a nerve she’s not friendly and further-
more I hear that she keeps late hours
looks at men what kind of example is that
for young girls all I can say is some
people are never satisfied

By Miriam Waddington, found in many of her selected but also in 15 Canadian Poets x3 (ed. Gary Geddes, Oxford, 2001.)