Sunday Poetry Round-up 1

Starting this month, Conduit Canada will be (re)-publishing poems we feel deserve some online readership.  Hopefully it doesn’t get us into trouble.

We are also composing a series of articles on Literary Community, so watch out for those.  In the meantime:


at five o’clock today Alex four years old said

I will draw a picture of you!

at first he gave me no ears and I said

you should give me ears

I would like big ears one on each side

and he added them and three buttons down the front

now I’ll make your skirt wide he said and he did

and he put pins in all up and down my ribs and I waited

and he said now I’ll put a knife in you

it was in my side and I said does it hurt

and No! he said and we laughed and he said

now I’ll put a fire on you and he put male

fire on me in the right place then scribbled me

all into flames shouting FIRE FIRE FIRE


shall we call the fire engines and he said Yes!

this is where they are and the ladders are bending

and we made siren noises as he drew the engines on

over the page then he said the Hose! and he put

the fire out and that’s better I said

and he rolled over laughing like crazy

because it was all on paper


-by Phyllis Webb, all rights to the author.  Reprinted from The Vision Tree: Selected Poems Talonbooks 1982.  photo from