April 6

by ConduitCanada

April 6

My beard is long and I haven’t washed my hair in perhaps since the last proper blog post.  But I’ve finally finished the formatting for Conduit #1/YES 20.  I had planned to bring a proof into the printers yesterday but apparently I hadn’t remembered just how intricate layout is.  Also, I was too used to how spoiled we were getting sweet-heart deals from Carleton University’s Bob Tippins and our favourite French Canadian printer jockey, Ron.

They were going to charge me $100 to merge two .pdf files and press the “reverse” button on one of them…  so I took a couple extra days to find software & do it myself.

Today is Good Friday.  Here in Australia it’s a beautiful 26* and sunny:


a view of the Conduit office:


& our mascot (aforementioned INDY):


& now I’ve earned a trip to the beach.  Happy Easter everyone!

Pete Gibbon