April 1

by ConduitCanada

April 1: Conduit 1/YES 20 formatting week 2 I’ve allowed myself and extra week to work on the issue. It’s nice to work on a project on my own schedule, and even nicer to take another week to treat this magazine as my job. I’m very exhilarated by working on it. Today I did the formatting for the poetry/prose in Conduit #1. I’ve been taking longer than I should on this issue because rewriting my M.A. R.P. for YES 20 has been time consuming and creatively exhausting. I don’t hate writing prose, but its been a long time since I’ve had to, and it’s hard to dust off the old analytic skills. Also, I’m having a hard time deciding on the publishing format. Formatting two issues at a time is proving to be more difficult than I’d anticipated. I want to release an issue that emphasizes the difference and uniqueness of each magazine and ultimately celebrates the eclecticism of all “Small Mags”, but I may be in over my head with what I’m experimenting with. By tomorrow I’m planning on having two proofs ready. The most challenging part of the YES project has been incorporating the late co-editor of YES magazine, Glen Siebrasse. As such, I’ve decided that I’ll be posting a recording of his book, Jerusalem this week on this Blog. Look out for the recording and a brief explanation of the printing history of the book and some biographical information on Siebrasse. What I hope to do with this blog is create a resource for Late Canadian Modernism, provide a audiovisual supplements to the print issues of Conduit, and add detail to the discursive narrative of Conduit’s print run. Speaking of which, don’t expect a long-winded editorial in Conduit #1. I may be transgressing a small mag tradition by doing so, but I feel like what needed to be said was said to my submitters in the proper context through the letter I wrote them when soliciting submissions. For now, a 30-odd page treatise on Canadian modernism and small magazine identity should do without any pithy editorializing on my behalf. Plus I wanted the poetry in Conduit to speak for itself. The contributors list has been confirmed today:

Justin Million
Rachael Simpson
Jeff Blackman
Jesslyn Delia Smith
Ben Ladouceur
Collett Tracey
Joshua Nadeau
F.T. Spurling
Leah Mol
Joel Crary
Cameron Anstee
Jenna Jarvis

Cover Photography:
Heather McCarthy