Have a Blog

by ConduitCanada

I decided to start a blog tonight because the house I live in has hardwood floors.

I like to stay up late to work because I’m in a house with 4 other roommates and its hard to feel alone when there are conscious people in the house.  When I stay up late, I drink a lot.  Since I’m living in Australia, I wear no socks (ever) in the house, so every time I go from my office to the fridge, a steady squeak of bare feet follow my ass all the way there and back.  So, I figured if I document this process every night I’ll be able to track my progress and feel less guilty for drinking until 3am.

I feel like the last couple days have been an uphill trek (in barefeet—along hardwood floors).  I’m rewriting my MA research paper about a small poetry magazine called YES but haven’t been at it in the last couple days because I wasn’t sure how interesting it is to the casual reader.  Half the reason I planned to launch this thing was to publish this essay because the editor, with whom I worked during my MA, expressed the desire to see it published as the final issue of his magazine.  It was intimidating for the couple years after I finished the MA, but now I feel like it just needs to get out there somehow.  Plus, if I have a reason to rewrite it now, it could someday be in a form that’s publishable by someone outside of the private publishing realm.  Maybe even on paper.

The good thing is I’ve had some incredible submissions over the last two days.  Plus I’ve taken the time to relearn how to operate Photoshop and InDesign, which has stimulated me a different way.  And tonight I sat down with the paper and managed to write an entire paragraph about competing modernisms without even having to look at a book.  Sometimes editing this paper is like talking to myself from two years ago and saying look, this section isn’t finished..  what are you thinking, growing that beard?

I still wear pyjamas all day, though.